Attractors are areas where quantum-points are highly concentrated.

This may represent some point of quantum significance. The main idea behind The Fatum Project, is that by using quantum-sourced-data, we achieve non-local syncronistic intention-binding.

If we used a non-quantum physical-chaotic source of randomness (like a lavalamp or water), studies show that any sort of deeper syncronistic binding between your intentions, and the physical source of randomness... are limited in distance.

"For non-quantum randomness, you need to be near to the source, to get meaningful results. But with quantum-sourced data, distance isn't a problem."

This is because on some deeper level, the quantum stuff is all connected. An atom thousands of miles away can be in some way, quantumly connected to you where you are.

Each attractor is calculated using over 9000 quantum-points, of pure quantum randomness! Then processed with cutting edge algorithms created by our expert meme-researchers, to find your quantum-attractor.

We really care about the quality of the randomness, and know makes a randomness source good or bad.