Probability Blind-Spots

All things in the world are causally connected with each other and everything that happens, including our thoughts, is usually determined by the sum of all environmental factors. This makes the world close to deterministic. The patterns arising in the network of these relations, reduce even random actions to a limited set of possible outcomes. That’s how attractors appear, like this: triangle#Chaos game

This means that no matter what choices you make, and no matter how many variations on how your day may pass, there are always some places where you simply cannot be, because none of the chains of your decisions leads there.

Interesting that such places may be somewhere nearby. On your street there may be a lane in which you will never think to look and you do not even know about its existence. What could be hiding in such blind spots? And what could be hiding in places where no one looks at all? This is the first question of our experiment. There may be magical creatures or aliens or a pile of garbage, no one knows for sure.

To find such places, it was decided to create points with random coordinates and go there, regardless of whether they look interesting or convenient to visit. So the chance to get to a blind spot increases markedly. Remarkable, that after several trips, researchers found dozens of new places near their house, they had never seen before. It is possible to enhance the effect by building chains of random points, thereby creating entire unusual routes for yourself. Butterfly effect

Next was the question of what were long-term consequences of a researcher staying in a place where he should never have been. How much can determinism be broken? Will the clockwork of the universe fail from changing its gear position? Will the objects found in these places or the images seen generate cascades of events drastically changing everything around?

This is quite possible if we consider that all people exists within their own tunnel of reality, shaped by their qualities, habits and perceptions. Even just a very different person from us can live in a completely different world, because it goes on completely different routes and receives other information. So, getting into random points, you can find yourself in someone else’s tunnel of reality and get new opportunities from there.

Then new information and causality can pull you out of the filter-bubble and change your life.