Shangrila Quantum Bot

Our bots use quantum-randomness, to search for syncronicities just for you. Learn about intention driven results?

telegram-botClick to start randonauting. Use the bot at your own risk!
The bot will suggest map-locations with strong quantum-signatures.

Picking up trash at attractors/voids?

One idea is that interacting with objects around an attractor increases the butterfly-effect, enmeshing you within a non-deterministic probability tunnel.

Picking up trash does this nicely, and helps clean the environment! Also serves as camouflage. If anyone asks what you are doing, just tell them "fatum #trashtag"!

If you are an android-developer and want to help us make an android but, please contact @comradedetective on telegram.

日本語版はまもなくJapanese version COMING SOON!