The despair-meme is simple: Signals that carry a danger that are impossible to resist.

EG: An endless stream of bad and terrifying news; aggression from people in a higher position in a social hierarchy; or nagging people who cause emotional discomfort and won't take positive advice.

Since the resulting stress is unsolvable, a cycle of self-reflection is created, producing stress and a feeling of helplessness, prompting a person to search for an accessible target for their sublimation and send the same signal to someone else.

When the external signal ceases to function, the consciousness continues to paranoidly seek out any signs of a similar danger and inventing threats where there are none. So the meme of helplessness auto-stimulates itself. Thus, any new and unusual information will be perceived with suspicion.

Increased exposure to Despair-meme can also lead to apathy and paranoia. And this is just one of the well-known memetic hazards that the explorer of reality-tunnels should fear.

Filter-bubbles and their habits to only notice useful things in your everyday life will also significantly reduce your chances of getting out of the pattern.

The opposite of the despair-meme is the void-meme! Despite it's name, a void-meme is not the same as a void-point.