Intention Driven Attractors

Attractors can also lead you to a blind spot, but they were not created for this. The methodology for calculating attractors is based on GCP project research on the influence of consciousness on quantum probability.

Such points rely not so much on randomness, but on emergent fluctuations in randomness, when random points under the action of intention begin to be distributed unevenly and form anomalous density around the point of application of intention.

Accordingly, the attractor-point is primarily an anomaly caused by intention. Here, the number of visited points is not important, as well as whether the location found is a blind spot or not.

Here it is important to establish a correlation between what you thoughts and attitude, and what you found in that place or the consequences that resulted from visiting an attractor.

In this sense, attractors with high power will meet the greatest influence of intention. Invalid attractors, whose power is close to one, have no influence of intention in themselves and, in fact, are simply random points.