Quantum Randomness

We set ourselves an ambitious goal to break determinism at its very core, by using quantum measurements.

If you tie quantum measurements to actions in the everyday world, you can significantly break out of the field of deterministic relationships (what we call, The Stasis Field).

This can lead you to situations that a normal randomizer couldn't, because of its dependence on mathematical operations, or predictable physical behaviour.

In addition, it has been found that quantum particles can be connected or influenced by intentions of people far far away... making it possible to not only break out of the stasis field, but enter the genesis field.

We found two sources of quantum randomness: One is an open server https://qrng.anu.edu.au/ which receives random numbers by measuring the magnetic field fluctuations of virtual particles in a vacuum.

The second is a REG-1 Psyleron hardware module purchased from the Internet using tunnel effects in a field-effect transistor. Fatum software supports both sources.

By reading a large amount of quantum randomness... we are able to determine quantum attractors, and voids...