Fatum Isn’t Simulation Based!

Simulation theory, is the theory that our physical Universe actually exists within a giant computer somewhere. Many people (including Elon Musk) take this seriously.

However, fatum theory isn't actually based in simulation theory. Whether reality is real, a relative question. We are more interested in exploring unknown spaces outside of predetermined paths, and experimenting with mind matter interaction technology, with a little fun and adventure along the way.

You can believe in simulation theory as a randonaut... and there's nothing wrong with that. Just remember, it isn't the goal of the research and experimentation we are doing. It really is about exiting the stasis-field and entering the genesis-field.

Most Do It For Adventure

Most randonauts when asked, say they do it for "Adventure" or seeking deep syncronicities (talking-walls), or making life more magical...

Few say they do it for "breaking the simulation".

What About “The Mandela Effect”?

Actually a lot of randonauts believe in The Mandela Effect (MEs). So do they believe in simulation-theory? Actually... MEs could be caused by other things: Including quantum-immortality, or accidental-reality-crossing. Simulation-theory isn't necessary.

if the Universe was 100% simulated, quantum-randomness could not defeat simulation. Not if every quantum-event is simulated. So there's basically no point thinking down that route.

If everything is 100% simulated, it can't be defeated. On the other hand... for an illusion to exist some consciousness has to be experiencing the illusion. Free-will has to exist for illusions to exist. So that leaves a few cases: Does simulation explain 10% or 90% or even 0% of what we can see?

Physical Tunnels are not Information Tunnels

Even though an information (computer) system can have 100% predictable behaviour... a physical system can't be predicted 100%. But it can still limit behaviour into narrow probability tunnels. Like to say "I don't know (without looking) where the prisoner is, but he is somewhere within that prison-cell".

A deterministic Random-Number-Generator in a computer-game could allow a virtual-rabbit to wander any direction. From an outside perspective at any point in time, the rabbit could be in any point in the game's map... but from the inside perspective it never left a probability tunnel that could predict it's path 100%. It was just a very windy wobbly 100% path.

But a physical limiting tunnel (like a real life tunnel or river or pipe) could only limit you to a probability tunnel that can never predict 100%. (I mean, pipes leak.) That is what the Fatum Project deals with, the physical limits. The idea is to widen that probability tunnel, so that it takes up a huge area.

It's especially useful if you are interested in breaking out of loops or predetermined cycles, and are interested in free expression, like a child exploring the world. Randonauting can increase awareness, alertness, and perception, and increased learning ability. By visiting places outside of your normal probability paths, you are teaching your brain to deal with uncertainty!

Good luck randonauting! We hope you have many crazy or inspiring or enchanting or just fun adventures.