Stasis Field

stasis field pushback Anything that gets in the way of your continuing adventure attempting to keep you within your probability field.

Stasis field is the entire set of causal relationships that limits the variability of potential outcomes. At the application level, this is the power that holds us in our reality-tunnel, making your life predictable to a certain extent.

When disturbed, the stasis field tends to converge. That is, it will prevent you from exiting the probability-tunnel. In addition to the obvious physical limitations, the memetic factors of the stasis field will create the greatest convergence. These may include any boundaries of consciousness that predetermine your behavior: Studied methodologies, prejudice attitudes, the habit of noticing things only on certain grounds, etc.

The greatest memetic danger is the Despair-meme, which becomes one of the most powerful levers of pressure from the stasis field. During the first experiment, when 70,000 randomly selected people were sent to random points coordinates, almost all of them immediately decided that the points were sent with the aim of a scam and saw danger in them. As a result, a very few decided to go there.

Such a reaction can be explained by the activation of the despair-meme, with which the holistic memeplex tries to keep you within the framework of the pattern.