The Void Meme

The main memetic component of the Fatum system is the void-meme. Void-memes are the open questions. In our case, this is the great unknown laying outside the deterministic world.

Void-meme is the opposite the despair-meme. Void-meme makes you want to create and seek out new things in the world. The despair-meme makes you want to give up. Void-meme may increase your perceptiveness of talking walls.

(Note: "Void-meme" and "void-points" are two separate and different things!)

Being completely indefinite, it, like the Rorschach stains, draws the most daring assumptions from your imagination, trying to fill the void of uncertainty. This creates a release of dopamine and motivates you, and since energy is expended in the search for truth, the mind seeks confirmation of its expectations and pays attention to anything even slightly unusual.
In this way, the ability to notice anomalies is greatly increased, and any anomalies that are noticed form new attention filters, which, due to the Baader-meinhof effect, make it possible to notice new types of things. This changes your very vision of the surrounding world, thus completing the creation of a new reality-tunnel.

You are involved in a new system of causal relations not only at the causal, but also at the memetic level, you begin not only to find yourself in new places, but also to act differently.